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Here you will be able to find News and Information about me, together with details of my sponsors and results, photographs, an opportunity to purchase merchandise and where you can watch me in action.

I'm looking forward to this coming season more than ever before. I feel I have matured over the past 12 months and that I have become a far better person for it.

Never before have I had the equipment that I now have for the 2014 season. I have some new engines from PJR (Peter Johns) and I can't wait to test them. I also have some kit from ASH-TEC (Ashley Holloway). I know that his engines are also very fast so there really is no excuse this season; it's all up to me now. 


I have been working very hard on both the mental and physical side of things this winter and I feel that I am up to the challenge.

I have some great people around me, for example my manager Ian Byers, my mechanic Glen Reynolds, PJR, ASH-TEC and of course my grandfather Alan Thompson. I'm hoping that we can keep this team together and go all the way to the GP's in 2015.


For 2014 my goals are to put at least a point on my average, to keep my place in the GB team is a must for us and to make an appearance at Cardiff, which would be a dream come true. 

The important thing is that these are all realistic goals and that's the thing to remember. There is no point in setting unrealistic goals as it only gives you something to beat yourself up about if you do not achieve them. That is something that I have learnt and it is true not only in speedway but in everyday life as well. 

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I cannot wait for the 2014 season to start! 

Lewis #27